A Program Designed
To Optimize Growth!

Our Program

There is no "one" solution to the problems facing low-income youths. Sporadic & inconsistent results will no longer work.

The Challenge

Many socio-economic deprived neighborhoods and family cultures are characterized as drop-in cultures, just like fads, they come and go.

Our Solution

There are four factors that play a tremendous role in creating the commitment & consistency that is absent in our students' communities:

Health/Nutrition – Safety/Violence and Poor/Missed Education

Because of their socio-economic background, at-risk children face numerous obstacles in the traditional classroom.  Many fall behind and cannot catch up; so they give up.

Individualized/Small Group Pairing Learning

Changes addresses a child's unique strengths and deficiencies through individualized and/or small group learning programs, insuring they receive a solid academic foundation to build upon through four core factors.