About Changes, Inc.

Through the program standards Changes Inc. recognizes emotional maturity, intellectual development and physical fitness to be key elements of the healthy lifestyle equation. For those participants who seek spiritual growth, voluntary spiritual activities will be available.

  • Emotional maturity is facilitated through a structured, nurturing environment that stresses responsibility and accountability for one's actions, learning alternatives to violence and destructive behavior, learning to delay gratification, and the development of communication and problem-solving skills.
  • Intellectual development is achieved by addressing educational needs on an individual basis, furthermore,
    1. Academic achievement results from learning opportunities provided at the appropriate level for each participant
    2. As academic achievement improves, residents become more confident and are better equipped to confront issues of concern.
    3. - Physical fitness is encouraged through participation in physical education training, recreation, and exercise, furthermore,
    4. Physical activities contribute to achieving self-confidence and self-discipline as well as developing leadership skills and teamwork
    5. Good health habits, hygiene, and proper diet are also emphasized and paramount.

Changes, Inc.
Carmen Hinton, CEO
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