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Consistency In Commitment

Changes Inc. program promotes student involvement and creates an environment where development and growth is sustainable. .

In addition to having the ability to recover from or adjust easily to change or misfortune, being resilient. These four factors play a tremendous role in creating the commitment and consistency that is absent in our students’ communities:.

  1. Systematic/ Routine/Structured Hours – Student participating in the Changes Program must attend the learning centers from ###-###p.m. Day through Day and spend ### hours every day, discovering their academic talents, completing homework assignments, practicing manners, developing their faith and pursuing their dreams for a better life.
  2. Being Accountable Accountability – The entrance requirement for the core after-school program is a signed contract between parents/guardians, the child, and Changes, Inc. Parents or legal guardian must agree to participate in student learning assignments and Changes activities.
  3. Standards Implementation – Program presenters are experienced in youth education and possess higher education degrees. Working in coordination with Changes objectives our teachers uphold the programs standards and ensure our children receive the seven key fundamentals for success listed above.
  4. Demonstrate Commitment – Students may enroll in the after-school program in the #### grade levels and may continue to utilize its resources through high school. Students of all ages may come in from ###-### p.m. for tutoring sessions.