Our Solution

Individualized/Small Group Learning

Changes address a child’s unique strengths and deficiencies through individualized and/or small group pairing learning programs, insuring they receive a solid academic foundation to build upon through four core factors.

  1. Cultivating Prosperity  The program teaches students the rewards and responsibilities of life through the Changes, Inc. micro-economic system. “Changes” are earned from their jobs at the center and are used to purchase special treats. Job performance is rewarded with promotions, increased responsibility and special incentives mimicking the structure of our capitalist society.
  2. Alternative Paths to Success  Capture children’s hearts and minds before they are lost to gangs, drugs and cri me. Changes, Inc. are not simply about helping kids stay out of trouble but about cultivating each student’s special gifts and interests, helping them to succeed.
  3. Evaluations Each child is evaluated using the Brigance and teacher observation. Changes   teachers work closely with the Public Schools system reviewing all report cards and annual assessments. Changes, Inc. are not concerned with simply measuring services delivered but with constantly accessing effectiveness and progress toward individualized learning objectives.
  4. Goal Setting  At Changes, Inc.  a comprehensive plan is formulated for each student based on strengths and weaknesses of the four assessment areas. Each student’s Goals, Objectives, Procedures and Statuses (GOPS) worksheet includes short and long-term goals and daily objectives for Changes, Inc. staff, parents and public school teachers.